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Rachael Freemantle


Rachael Freemantle is a visionary entrepreneur and the esteemed Founder of Stain2Sparkle, a premier residential cleaning and cooking company. With a passion for creating clean and inviting living spaces, Rachael has built a reputation for excellence in the cleaning industry.

However, Rachael’s love for creating a positive impact in people’s lives extends beyond simply tidying up their homes. She also thrives on utilizing her culinary skills as a profession. Known for her delectable creations, Rachael serves as a personal cook for households, bringing a diverse range of tasteful flavors and meals to her clients.

Brian Freemantle


Brian Freemantle is the co-founder and a valuable team member of Clean2Sparkle Cleaning Company, a leading cleaning service provider that specializes in residential cleaning. Born and bred in the picturesque coastal town of Folkestone

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